Ming's Art Studio - 2015 Aviation Contest

Ming's Art Studio - 2015 International Aviation Art Contest

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Andy Lu, Age 8 CA TEGORY IBentie Feng, Age 8 9th GRADE 3rd Place Cindy Lee, Age 15
Darren Tsang, Age 7 8th GRADE 2nd Place Elijah Wen, Age 13 Gordon Peng, Age 14
9th GRADE 1st Place James Tseng, Age 14 7th GRADE 1st Place Lindsey Yee, Age 13 LouisSansevero, Age 7
3rd GRADE 3nd Place Nimrat Kaur, Age 8 Ryan Goh, Age 9 Sophi Tong, Age 9
Sriya Boppana, Age 11 Sylvia Cheeseman, Age 11 Valerie Tua, Age 12
No Name Advikaa Gopalakrishnan, Age 9 10th GRADE 1st Place Alice Chen, Age 15
Allie Liu, Age 11 Ananya Badari, Age 10 Anastasia Sansevero, Age 8
6th GRADE 3rd Place Andy Chen,Aage 11 Anisa Mehta, Age 8 5th GRADE 1st Place Aniyah Shen, Age 10
Ariana Chen, Age 8 5th GRADE Honorable Mention Ashley Lam, Age 10 Brandon Tseng, Age 6
Brooke Weston, Age 11 Bruce Qiu, Age 9 Carrie Xu, Age 15
Charlene Wang Claine Jin, Age 8 KINDERGRARTEN 3rd Place Curtis Lee, Age 6
Darren Qiu, Age 10 Elhan Wu, Age 9 Elizabeth Chen. Age 9
Eugene Yu, Age 12 Felix Hu, Age 6 Grace Jin, Age 11
Hannah Xu, Age 9 Helen He, Age 12 2nd GRADE 1st Place Iris Chuan, Age 7
4th GRADE 3rd Place Isabella Hsu, Age 10 Jacqueline Nguyen, Age6 3rd GRADE 1st Place Jaden Tsai, Age 8
James Zhou, Age 8 Jared Lee, Age 10 6th GRADE 2nd Place Joanne Peng, Age 11
Joey Zhou, Age 5 Joyce Chen, Age 9 Katelyn Xu, Age 8
KINDERGRARTEN 2nd Place Kayden Lin, Age 6 Kelly Liu, Age 7 4th GRADE Honorable Mention Kyla Tsang, Age 9
Kyle Grant, Age 7 Kyra Lin, Age 8 Lauren Nguyen, Age 10
Lilly Zhao, Age 12 Lindsey Yi, Age 11 Mahi Mendieatta, Age 6
6th GRADE 1st Place Nicole Eng, Age 11 Nikolai Semerdjiev, Age 10 Renee Lee, Age 9
Sarah Leka, Age 12 Sarina Mehta, Age 6 Sofia Xu, Age 8
Sophia Hu, Age 10 Terry Gao, Age 9 Vickie Chen, Age 12
Wanqi Jia, Age 10 10th GRADE 2nd Place Yang Yu, Age16  



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