Ming's Art Studio - 2012 Aviation Contest

Ming's Art Studio - 2012 International Aviation Art Contest

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Ainsley Chu, Age 11


1st Place 2rd Place 3rd Place
Evelyn Wang, Age 5 Vivian Lu, Age 5 Albert Wang, Age 5
Honorable Mention
Kyra Lin, Age 5


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Ariel Lin, Age 6 Elizabeth Chen, Age 6 Jessica Zhang, Age 7
Honorable Mention
Kyla Tsang, Age 6


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Lauren Nguyen, Age 7 Conner Cruz, Age 7 Haneum Kim, Age 7
Honorable Mention
Caitlin Gerard, Age 7


1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Lindsey Yi, Age 8 Mabel Tan, Age 8 Ryan Kim, Age 8
Honorable Mention
Sarah Leka, Age 8


2nd Place
Kylie Grubb, Age 9


1st Place 3rd Place
Elijah Wen, Age 10 Kyle Freedman, Age 10
Honorable Mention
Stephanie Xu, Age 10


1st Place 2rd Place
Jennifer Lin, Age 11 Annabelle Leka, Age 11
Honorable Mention
Jasmyne Kon, Age 11


1st Place 3rd Place
Yuan Ting Xia, Age 12 Alice Chen, Age 12
Honorable Mention
Daniel Jin, Age 12


3nd Place
Elaine Huang, Age 13


1st Place 2rd Place
Steven Lang, Age 15 Chelsey Lin, Age 15


1st Place
Julia Huang, Age 17

Aden Chen, Age 5 Alice Chien, Age 11 Amy Park, Age 5
Anastasia Sansevero, Age 5 Andy Chen Annie Huang, Age 8
Ashley Wang, Age 5 Audrey Burns, Age 5 Benjamin Beate
Benjamin Fan Bentie Feng, Age 5 Brian Bik, Age 5
Brinley Chu, Age 8 Cynthia Lee, Age 14 David Lu, Age 6
Eli Ganze, Age 5 Ethan T Chen, Age 7 Hannah Jin, Age 9
Hanna Leka, Age 13 HenryLi Iris Xin Ling Chuan, Age 5
Jaden Tsai, Age 5 Jason Chun, Age 5 Jimmy Chen, Age 5
Joelle Cheeseman, Age 5 Josephere Lee, Age 8 Joyce Chen, Age 6
Kaylie Wang, Age 7 Luaren Huang, Age 12 Lucy Xu, Age 6
Matthew Diep, Age 8 Matthew Sung, Age 16 Megan Liao, Age 6
Michelle Liao, Age 5 Noele Ngayen, Age 11 Oliver Li, Age 11
Ryan Gho, Age 6 Sabrina Lin, Age 18 Sara Rosenstein
Shaina Wang, Age 9 Sissi Fu, Age 5 Sylvia Cheesman, Age 8
Tiffaney Pi Wesley Cheng, Age 5 William Chen, Age 7
YiTing Chen, Age 15 Zander  



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