Ming's Art Studio - 2010 Aviation Contest

Ming's Art Studio - 2010International Aviation Art Contest

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Ashley Ho, Age 7 Tammy Chong, Age 13
Andrea Chang, Age 7 Vickie Chen, Age 6
Yuanyuan "Ivy" Qi, Age 10 Julia Huang, Age 14

1st Place 2rd Place 3rd Place
Jonathan Zhou, Age 5 Bohuen Tong, Age 5 Amanda Zhu, Age 5
Honorable Mention
Hanna Kon, Age 5


2nd Place 3rd Place
Angela Zhang, Age 6 Melodie Pugar, Age 6

Honorable Mention
Tia Blonshine, Age 7

2nd Place 3rd Place
Oliver Li, Age 8 Jasmyne Kon, Age 8

3rd Place
Chloe Muller, Age 9

Honorable Mention

Natilie Wang, Age 10

2nd Place
Brendan Hoang, Age 11

1st Place
Lauren Kim, Age 12

2nd Place
Joyce Sun, Age 14

Aeron Mc Coy, Age 4 Amy Ma, Age 10 Angela Gao, Age7
Arvin Guo, Age 14 Brian Liu, Age 16 Ellen Webre, Age 15
Fiona Dang, Age 16 Henry Ding, Age 9 Jeffrey Wang, Age 13
Jenny Chen, Age 16 Kavi R. Mathur, Age 11 Kyle Freedman, Age 7
Kiran Mathur, Age 7 Josephine Niu, Age 13 Meggie Chang, Age 7
Michael Hayes, Age 8 Peter Niu, Age15 Ryan Freedman, Age 10
Sean Hayes, Age 10 Stephenie Xu, Age 8 Steven Lang, Age 12
Vivian Wu, Age 16    


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