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2002 International Aviation Art Contest

Category I: Ages 6-9

Second Place
Da-Chen Huang, Age 7
Honorable Mention
MaryAnn Chi, Age 9
Ben Zhou, Age 9
Brian Liu, Age 7
Daniel Wang, Age 9
Eric Hsiao, Age 8
Jeffrey Chen, Age 9
Jessica Ou, Age 7
Julia Huang, Age 6
John Robert Austin, Age 6
Justin Chen, Age 7
Kenny Chen, Age 7
Leon Chang, Age 7
Megan Ma, Age 7
Phillip Chen, Age 7
Terri Chang, Age 9
Wendy Lin, Age 8
Wesley Yu, Age 9

Category II: Ages 10-13

First Place
Elaine Ou, Age 11
Second Place
Vivian Zhou, Age 11
Third Place
Billy Ji, Age 10
Alvin Chen, Age 13
Angel Lee, Age 12
Jason Chen, Age 10
Mason Yu, Age 11

Category III: Ages 14-17

First Place
Jerry Hsu, Age 14

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