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1.Starting from the innate drawing ability.
2.Expressing their emotions through the process of painting.
3.Preserving their drawing design according to their ages
I am Flying
Michelle Bau, age 4 1/2
Shark Airplane
Thomas Hsu, age 5
Mom, I Love You
Connie Wang, age 7

8.Launching the concept of three dimensionality and individual style of painting
Ming's Art Studio

Teaching Philosophy

4.Expanding their imagination by providing new ideas for them.
Silent Flying
Alan Lin, age 12
Flying is Fun
James Ding, age 6

7.Helping them to transfer their ideas onto their paintings

6.Encouraging them and providing solutions for achieving their goals

5.Keep on building their painting techniques and color coordination.
Gift For Mom
Heather Chen, age 10
Under the Sea
Myrna Hung, age 8
Nova Hsu, age 7

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